Once again, our dedicated fundraisers around the world have wowed us with an incredible amount of love and support over the festive period and beyond. We’re delighted to be kicking off 2016 with some inspiring stories from our global family.

Friends of Malawi

A group of friends from Warwickshire have come together to help Mary’s Meals support impoverished children in Malawi, by providing them with a daily meal in a place of education. 

The dedicated supporters hold regular events to raise money, including charity auctions, film evenings, cake sales, candle making, afternoon teas and coffee mornings. Some of the group even ask for donations to be given instead of receiving birthday presents, others also donate in way of payment for help with odd jobs.

The group have already raised more than £2,850, which is amazing! Thank you so much!

Get ready to raffle

Michele and her family in the USA made Mary’s Meals part of their recent festive celebrations. In place of their annual Christmas game, each member of the family brought along a good quality second-hand item, something handmade or a baked good to donate to a raffle. 

They also brought the money they would usually have spent on a gift and instead used it to purchase raffle tickets for the donated items, with the funds going to Mary's Meals. Before the raffle winners were announced, Michele spoke to the group about our work and how even the smallest donation can make a big difference to children’s lives. 

We’ve included a photo of some lovely bracelets made by Michele and her daughter, aged four. 

Something to shout about

A 10-year-old from New Zealand has chosen an unusual way to support Mary’s Meals, after hearing about our work through her granny who lives in Penicuik, Scotland.

Emily Broughton recently starred in a series of quirky TV adverts for a car dealership where she had to shout all of her lines, attracting national media interest.  The kind-hearted youngster decided to donate some of her earnings to charity, and luckily, Mary’s Meals was chosen as one of the recipients. Emily is now around halfway to reaching her fundraising target of £6,100, which would allow her to sponsor Sawegbe Public School in Liberia, feeding 500 pupils for the entire academic year.

Thank you! 

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