A look back at a fantastic summer of fundraising at Mary’s Meals!

Festivals, marathons, garage sales and dodge ball tournaments – all in a day’s work for a Mary’s Meals fundraiser!

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It’s the turn of the season and we must say we’ve had a fantastic summer of fundraising at Mary’s Meals! Let’s celebrate more of the incredible people who are walking with us on our journey to providing a daily meal in school to the world’s poorest children.

What makes Mary’s Meals beautiful is the variety and richness of all the lives involved. Join us in thanking just a few of our fantastic fundraisers from around the world.  

Love and light from Italy

One such fundraiser is Davide from Italy – we can’t thank him enough for all his support! Davide runs a Facebook page called La Luce di Maria (The Light of Mary) and accepts donations for Mary’s Meals in exchange for rosary beads. 

The committed supporter has already sponsored Samuel D. Hills Primary School in Liberia, feeding 225 children for a whole school year and now has his sights set on sponsoring an even larger school, Zuanna Public School, through online fundraising. Well done Davide!

Miles for meals 

Momo – from the US but born and raised in Malawi – is gearing up to run her very first marathon in aid of Mary’s Meals.  The big-hearted supporter will run 42km in November 2015 and hopes to raise enough money to feed 250 children for a whole school year. Momo is already well on her way to reaching her $5,000 fundraising target! 

She said: "Running 16 miles is tough, painful at times, and a constant mental battle. But, we don't have to worry about whether we will have food to eat tomorrow or if we will go to bed hungry tonight. For this, and our other abundant blessings, we are so grateful, and will keep putting one foot in front of the other for Mary's Meals.”

Such lovely words and fantastic work Momo – your support means so much!

Racing towards a fantastic total!

In the city of Split in Croatia, a group of our lovely volunteers and supporters organised a special day of races, named ‘Trčimo za obrok više,’ in honour of Mary’s Meals.

Three races were held in total, with two shorter runs for children and a 2k race for adults. Everyone taking part was kept entertained with an exciting programme of activities, including appearances from Croatian artists and a showing of our beautiful film Child 31, which tells the story of Mary’s Meals. 

The event was a huge success, raising enough money to feed 200 children for the whole school year! What an amazing achievement!

Caring community comes together for Chisenjere

An INCREDIBLE fundraising group from Solon, Iowa, have raised a staggering $26,565.60 for Chisenjere Primary School in Malawi. 

The community-wide effort, named Corridor Cares of Solon, challenged individuals, families, organisations and businesses to support a year-long campaign to help feed children in a Malawi school the same size as their own for a whole year.

A huge range of events were organised to help the group reach its total, including t-shirt and hand-made scarf sales, garage sales, a dodge ball tournament and sponsored runs. The city also received a visit from Magnus as part of his book tour to mark the release of The Shed That Fed A Million Children in May 2015.

The generosity of a whole community means 1,423 more children are being fed each day at school – THANK YOU for changing lives!

Festival fun for much-needed funds

A group of our dedicated volunteers held a Mary’s Meals stand at a family festival in Gistel, Belgium, collecting an impressive €650 euros – enough to feed more than 40 children for a whole school year! Matthé, part of the Mary’s Meals team in the Netherlands, joined the volunteers and was delighted to see so many people offering their support.  Thank you so much to our volunteers and all of our generous supporters!

It truly brings us so much JOY to hear these stories and to share them with you all. Please get in touch and let us know about the fantastic work you’re doing for Mary’s Meals!

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