Around the world in 12 (Mary’s) Meals

It’s World Food Day! Mary’s Meals is serving a nutritious daily meal to more than one million children in 12 countries across the world, but do you know what kind of food is served in each country?

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Children receiving Mary’s Meals in Benin enjoy corn with beef or fish, or rice with beans, served with vegetables and sometimes eggs. 

Mary’s Meals in Burma can include chicken, beef or fish, with vegetables, served with beans, potatoes or noodles.

In Ecuador, the children are given chicken or fish, with potatoes or rice, and some vegetables from the school garden. 

In Haiti, Mary’s Meals gives school children a daily meal of beans or maize with rice and fish. 

In India, vegetable curries or lentil dhal with rice is served to children receiving Mary’s Meals.

Children in Kenya enjoy rice, maize and beans every school day.

In Liberia, vitamin-enriched porridge or rice and peas is served to the children, supplemented with fresh vegetables from their school gardens. This provides additional nutrition and teaches children about agriculture.

In Malawi, children enjoy a cup of maize and soya porridge for their daily meal. This porridge, referred to locally as likuni phala, is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

Children receiving Mary’s Meals in South Sudan are given sorghum (a grain) or maize and beans.

The daily meal served in Thailand is chicken or pork with rice and vegetables.

In Uganda, the daily meals are similar to those served in Kenya, consisting of maize or rice and beans.

As in Malawi, children receiving Mary’s Meals in Zambia enjoy a cup of maize and soya porridge, fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

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