Heart-warming tales from around the world

At Mary’s Meals, we rely on thousands of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help us reach more than a million children each day with a nutritious meal in a place of education. As the days get colder, these lovely stories from across our global family are sure to warm your heart!

Pupils in Germany raise thousands for Mary’s Meals

Class 6c of the Sophie Barat School in Hamburg were inspired to help Mary’s Meals after watching our film Child 31. The schoolchildren managed to raise an amazing €4,221 over three months through cake sales, garage sales and mowing their neighbours’ lawns.

The class shared the story of Mary’s Meals in their neighbourhood and with friends and family, who were happy to offer support and donations after hearing about our work. 

The children said: “It really is a great feeling to know that we can help so many children with the money. We really liked the project and want to continue helping.”


Thank you boys and girls! Superb work.

Meals for meals

Tazmin in the UK uses her business to raise funds for Mary’s Meals. Tazmin’s Kitchen makes home-cooked Indian meals and delivers them to offices in England every lunchtime. 

For each meal purchased, a meal is also donated to Mary’s Meals to feed an impoverished child in their place of education to help them reach their full potential. 

Thanks Tazmin – your kitchen really is the place to be!

Getting festive at the festival!

The Mary’s Meals fundraising group based in Flanders, Belgium held a stall at Festicert, a Christian music festival which takes place every November. The team set up a Christmas dinner table to encourage festival-goers to support our One More For Christmas campaign, which allows supporters to set a place at our virtual table for €14.50, a donation which will then be used to provide a child with Mary’s Meals for an entire school year.

Now that’s a Christmas gift worth giving! A massive well done to all involved.

Little acts of love

Mary’s Meals Italy spent an evening at a concert held as part of the International Festival of Sacred Music and Art in Rome. 

The group helped to raise funds and awareness by chatting to attendees and handing out lots of information about Mary’s Meals.

Thank you SO much to all of the amazing volunteers who gave up their time to spread the word and help us reach the next child. You are making such a difference.

We love these stories because they show that everyone can help in some way, whether by giving your time, money, goods, skills or prayer. A very heartfelt thanks to everyone who supports our work in whichever way they can.

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